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About Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors create exclusive, fully interactive murder mysteries – public, private, corporate – with a variety of spectacular twists. You can have murder mystery dinners, murder mystery weekends, murder mystery hen parties, murder mystery teambuilding events, and any other sort of murder mystery you can think of. We started doing this in 2013, and we’re now coming up to our 900th event, so whatever you’re after, and whatever your budget, we’ll come up with the perfect package.

Video Tasters

Not all our events are quite this merciless, but here’s what we did when Marina’s hens said, “We’d like something inspired by The Blair Witch Project. And we don’t want to sleep for a week afterwards.”

What We Do

Smoke & Mirrors create fully interactive murder mystery events for people who enjoy unforgettable nights out. Our background is professional film, theatre, and television; our simple aims are to offer unbeatable entertainment and impeccable customer service. We stage murder mysteries wherever and whenever you want them, and guarantee that they’ll be intelligent, action-packed, and great fun. For highlights of one of our more riotous outings, simply click here.

How We Do It

All our events feature a full cast of brilliant professional actors. They’ll play out a series of dramatic scenes to advance the plot, as well as interacting with you, entertaining you, and allowing you interrogate them. Then there’ll be a murder (perhaps more than one), and it’ll be up to you to work who did it, why they did it, and what they did it with. Everything we do is designed to be as flexible as possible, but for an outline of a fairly typical evening event, please click here.

Where We Do It

Smoke & Mirrors stage murder mysteries anywhere and everywhere. To date, we’ve worked in country houses, hotels, pubs, windmills, schools, castles, Airbnbs, boats, campsites, Paris, and people’s own homes. We’re always happy to help find the perfect venue, but where you have your Smoke & Mirrors event is entirely up to you. Nothing’s off limits: we love new and unusual locations.

Why We Do It

Some murder mysteries are simply downloadable, one-size-fits-all packages (paperwork all over the place, no one has any idea what’s going on). Others have perhaps a few actors and a vague sense of structure. We believe that special occasions require much more than this. That’s why we give you a huge choice of brilliant scenarios, full casts of professional actors, unforgettable set-pieces, superb comedy and drama, plenty of surprises, and scripts that are always adapted to perfectly suit your party. To see what some of our previous guests have said, just click here. As you can see, great nights are guaranteed. We’d love yours to be one of them.