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We're delighted to say that booking is now open for our annual extravaganza at Wilton Windmill! Early booking strongly advised. Just head to our Public Events page for more details.


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve decided to freeze the prices of all our private events at their current rates for 2024. More good news: this applies to the date of the booking, rather than the date of the event, so you can book as far ahead as you like

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900 Events!!

When we set up Smoke & Mirrors seven years ago, we honestly didn’t know whether it would work. We thought we had a good idea, but the murder mystery market was already saturated, and a “good idea” has to survive contact with reality. In other words, we needed people to actually book us.

In 2013, we only did eight events. But the next year, we did 34. Then, in 2015, we did 90. And now our 900th event is imminent. A lot of those have been repeat-bookings, or new bookings from word-of-mouth recommendations, so as a thank you, we’re launching this offer …

If you’ve previously booked or attended one of our events and someone you know books us as a result of your recommendation, we’ll send you a bottle of champagne and automatically give them a £50 discount. You can even book us again yourself and get both!

Happy New Year

Alex & Sue

Smoke & Mirrors  Event

New Plots Announced

We love coming up with new murder mystery plots, so we’re indulging ourselves by announcing three! These are now in the repertoire and ready to be booked!

  • “Seven Deadly Gins” – when gin tasting goes badly wrong
  • “Larry Trotter’s Murderous Parody” – wands at the ready
  • “The Nile-High Club” – a murder mystery set in Ancient Egypt

Murder a Gin?

We’re delighted to announce that you can now book your very own Smoke & Mirrors Gin Tasting as a prologue to any of our murder mystery events! Perfect for hen parties, birthdays, teambuilding events – perfect, in fact, for anyone and everyone who loves gin!

Smoke & Mirrors Gin Tasting

Celebrations at HQ

The champers is being uncorked at Smoke & Mirrors HQ this evening, as we’ve just heard that we’ve been shortlisted for the 2018 Global Entertainment Award. Thanks to all those who’ve made this happen: our brilliant actors and our even more brilliant audiences.

UPDATE: More Champers Required – We Won!

Smoke & Mirrors  Event

Halloween Thrillers: thank you for joining us!!

Thank you so much to our two brilliant “Bell, Book & Scandal” audiences who graced Miskin Manor and the Regency Park Hotel for our Halloween events on Oct 28 & 29! We hope we entertained you, because you certainly entertained us (more photos can be seen on our Facebook page). Huge thanks also to both venues for their excellent hospitality. We’d love to be back at both, so do keep an eye out for future plans!

Bell, Book & Scandal at Miskin Manor Hotel

“Malice Through the Looking Glass”: Wilton Windmill

Our fourth annual jaunt to Wilton Windmill was the best yet: the Weather Gods delivered sunshine and perfect temperatures; and the wonderful audience of 110 really helped to make this a classic Smoke & Mirrors evening.

Congratulations to Abi for winning the chocolates (for being the control subject in the White Queen’s pregnancy test); to “the other Alice” for bagging the Rioja for best-dressed guest (a hotly contested field); and to Claire and her girls (below, with the White Queen) for making off with the champagne, courtesy of their amazingly accurate sleuthing!!

Thanks as ever to Lee Booth for his peerless hog roast, and to all the Windmill volunteers, without whom none of this would ever be possible.

Enjoy the photos on our Facebook page, and do please share any others if you have them! We hope to be back at Wilton in 2017: you’ll be the first to hear our plans!!

The White Queen and the champagne winners at Wilton Windmill