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Smoke & Mirrors Hen Parties

Looking to pack as much fun as possible into your big night? A murder mystery is the perfect starting point. All our events are fully interactive, and have been created especially for hen parties.

Smoke & Mirrors Hen Party

Make one of your party the victim or the murderer? Personalised events complete with in-jokes and any number of jaw-dropping surprises? Perfect entertainment for groups looking to celebrate in style?

We do all this and much more: our hen party murder mysteries include great actors, plenty of comedy and drama, personal touches, hen party storylines, some unforgettable surprises for the hen herself, any special requests you may have, and prizes of champagne and chocolates. So if you’re after guaranteed hilarity, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have three special hen party murder mysteries to choose from:

  • Bone of Contention – an Agatha Christie-esque black comedy with a 1920s setting and starring roles for all the girls. Perfect for groups of about 8-20 guests.
  • Vicars in a Twista full-throttle farce of hilarity, hysteria, homicide and misplaced dog-collars. For groups of up to about 30 guests.
  • Where There’s a Pill There’s a Way amazing for groups looking to unleash their inner devil! A riotous evening guaranteed. For groups of up to about 40 guests.

You can also add a life-drawing class (from £12pp), a gin-tasting event (from £23pp), or a Comedy Waiters prologue (price on application according to number of actors and duration) to any of our hen party events to ensure a truly unforgettable evening or weekend.

You can have your Smoke & Mirrors hen party anywhere you like, and we are completely flexible in terms of how we run the event timings, catering options and special requests are all entirely up to you. We can also often help you find the perfect venue, and we cater for all sorts of budgets. Just call Sue on 07769 977779 or email and we can start planning the best big night ever!

Smoke & Mirrors  Where There’s a Pill there’s a Way Hen Night Party at Penbridge Court Estate