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Smoke & Mirrors FAQs

Q: How do we book a Smoke & Mirrors event?

A: Tickets for our public events are available from the venues hosting them. To book a private event, please call Sue on 07769 977779 or email and we’ll take it from there.

Q: How much does a Smoke & Mirrors event cost?

A: Ticket prices for public events can be found on our public events page. For private events, we cater for all budgets, and the total cost of an event depends on your choice of plot and location. Please see our private events page for further details.

Q: Can we have a Smoke & Mirrors event anywhere we like?

A: Yes. We’ve staged events in hotels, pubs, windmills, private homes and castles, as well as on trains, boats, campsites and in Paris. Nothing’s off limits.

Q: Can we have a Smoke & Mirrors event at home?

A: Definitely. You can have a Smoke & Mirrors event anywhere you like. And experience suggests that events at home work really well.

Q: Is there a minimum number of guests?

A: For private events we ideally need at least 8-10 guests, whilst our largest audiences are normally about 150-170.

Q: Are your events suitable for team-building?

A: Definitely. The events naturally encourage guests to work together, and we’re always happy to facilitate groups working in particular teams and so on. More details can be found on our corporate events page.

Q: Do we choose the plot we want?

A: Yes. They’re all listed on our plots page, so just pick your favourite and decide when and where you’d like to have it. And obviously we’re also happy to discuss what might work best for you, so please feel free to get in touch.

Q: How long does a Smoke & Mirrors murder mystery last?

A: Typically about 2½ hours, but everything is flexible. We’ve done lunchtime events that have lasted about 90 minutes, and events that have spanned an entire weekend. It’s entirely up to you.

Q: Are all the timings of your events flexible?

A: Completely. We’ll work to whatever schedule suits you best.

Q: Do we have to work out “whodunnit”?

A: That’s the idea! There’s a murder to be solved, and champagne and chocolates for the best detective(s).

Q: Do you run midweek events?

A: Yes. Whenever, wherever. Just ask.

Q: Do you do special requests?

A: Certainly! It’s great when people come to us with ideas.

Q: Are your events suitable for children?

A: As a rule, yes. If parents and/or other responsible adults are happy, so are we. If in doubt, please just call or email, and we can talk you through what’s involved.

Q: If we’re renting a venue or booking a hotel, do we book our Smoke & Mirrors event separately?

A: Yes. You’ll book the event direct with us, and the accommodation direct with the venue or property owner/agent.

Q: Can we bring our pets?

A: Absolutely fine with us, but please also check with the venue if applicable.

Q: Can you help us find a venue for our murder mystery?

A: We can. We deal regularly with property owners, agents, hotels etc., so do please ask for advice and recommendations.

Q: Do you do public events as well as private ones?

A: Yes. You’ll find all the information you need on our public events page. Do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or if there’s anything we can help with.

Q: I’d love to be one of your actors/actresses. What do I do?

A: Call Sue on 07769 977779 or email